Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Book Release

This story was previously released under a different title with a different pen name and has been altered somewhat from that format.

He shuffled in reverse. “If I had this to do over again, if I knew what succulence occupied my bed, I would not have wed. I wanted a companion. You painted yourself plain and dull, able to care for the house, tend to my things. I wanted … not decadence, ribbons, and bows, not cake coated in frosted perfection, not a feast for my senses, a light in my eyes, but instead a colorless, flavorless existence.”

Dovie’s heart squeezed in her chest.

“You are everything I thought to avoid,” he said. With that, he revolved on his heel and left.


Augustus Boulanger advertised for a bride of plain countenance, able to cook and clean. But though he wanted companionship and an ease to his loneliness, he had no plans to become a true husband or father. The sin in his past, which tears at him day and night, is too great to overcome.

Dovie Monroe is not her real name, but by taking the place of the woman who passed on the ferry, she can have a better life than what her parents planned. Augustus is young and healthy and pleasing to the eye. She’ll start a new life with him.

Yet her lie combined with his horrible secret could prove too strong for their fragile marriage and their memories too much to set aside. Unless they place their trust in the undeserved forgiveness of a loving, gracious God.

A novella of 24,000 words.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Book Release

He was more hesitant to touch Audra’s things. She’d left most of them in her bag, but a dress lay over the end of his bed. He touched it, his hands trembling, on the spur of the moment, gathering it to his nose. He inhaled and grew heady from the scent of her. Holding it there, he tried to take stock of himself.

He’d gone all these years without companionship, and at this childish gesture felt his masculinity greater than ever before. And strangely, a need for her softness, for the gentle hand and loving gaze a woman would give. As strong as he thought he was, alone, with her, he could be that much stronger.


Audra Pazikas came to America with her Papa for better opportunities, but his drinking and harsh life in the city soon reduced them to a miserly existence. His death, years later, leaves her with no choice but to accept the hand of a gentleman out west, seeking a bride. Perhaps, though, she’ll find success and happiness in a new part of the country.

Family resentment put Gilbert Warren under his older brother’s thumb from the youngest age. What his half-brother was too lazy to do for himself, he’d always force him to do. Including, taking his place during his nuptials. He just wishes his brother’s bride knew he wasn’t her new spouse.

The death of his brother before she can meet him throws their lives into unforeseen disorder. She was his brother’s bride, but the days passing by, more and more, the marriage that should have happened was their own.

A mail-order bride romance by author JOSEPHINE MCCUTCHEON. 24,000 words.