Saturday, November 26, 2016

Book Release

“I am unsure of many things,” he said. “My mind drifts back into battle sometimes, filling me with confusion. But the love I have for you is the same, greater even, than it was. Do not doubt that. I only wish I was the same man who gave that promise. The fool who thought war was noble and honorable. Would that I knew then what I know now.”


Arlen James went off to war full of pride and high ideals. But the youthful Confederate soldier he once was now lies broken. Tormented by visions of battle and crippled from the loss of his legs, two years of fighting has robbed him of any will to live.

Rosaline Crawford watched for any word of her beloved, Arlen, hopeful that when he returned, they could begin the life together they’d planned before the war. The man she finds, however, is a shell of his former self, and her days now at the whim of his bad moods.

Yet, as time passes, the love which sustained them during their long separation grows stronger than it’s ever been, and though they stumble along the way, the anguish of their past shines God’s light on a most-blessed future.

A short story of 15,000 words. Adapted from a previous release under another penname.